Are you moving to a new state or buying a car from another state? Shipping a car can be an expensive and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right research and knowledge, you can find affordable car shipping services that won’t compromise on quality. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can find the best cheap car delivery service in the US. From the cheapest time of year to ship your vehicle to whether it’s more cost-effective than driving yourself, we’ve got all your questions covered. So let’s dive in!

What is the cheapest auto transport in the US?

When it comes to finding the cheapest auto transport in the US, there are several factors that can affect pricing. One of the biggest determinants is distance. It’s typically cheaper to ship a car shorter distances than longer ones. Another factor that plays into cost is how quickly you need your vehicle delivered. Expedited shipping will always come at a premium price.

One option for affordable car shipping is open-air transport. This involves transporting your vehicle on an open trailer with other cars and exposes it to potential weather damage or debris from the road but offers lower prices compared to enclosed trailers which offer more protection against external elements.

Another way to save money on auto transport is through terminal-to-terminal delivery, where you drop off and pick up your vehicle at predetermined locations rather than having door-to-door service which incurs additional fees.

Understanding these various factors and choosing the right type of service can help you find an affordable auto transport option that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

What month is the cheapest to ship a car?

When it comes to shipping your car, timing can be everything. One of the factors that can affect the cost of auto transport is choosing the right month to ship your vehicle.

Generally speaking, the cheapest time to ship a car is during the winter months, from December through February. This is because there are fewer people moving during these months and therefore less demand for auto transport services.

On the other hand, summer months tend to be more expensive as more people move during this season and demand for car shipping services increases. Additionally, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas may also affect pricing due to decreased availability of carriers.

It’s important to note that while winter months may be cheaper overall, extreme weather conditions in certain parts of the country could impact delivery times or even cause delays. Always check with your chosen carrier regarding any potential weather-related issues before scheduling your shipment.

Ultimately, choosing when to ship your car depends on various factors such as budget and personal circumstances. Consider all options carefully before making a decision on when to schedule your affordable car shipping service.

What is the cheapest way to ship a project car?

When it comes to shipping a project car, finding the cheapest way can be tricky. However, there are some tips that can help you save money on your shipment.

Firstly, consider using an open carrier instead of enclosed. Open carriers are cheaper because they can transport more cars at once. However, if your car is valuable or needs protection from weather elements and road debris, enclosed transportation might be necessary.

Another way to save money is by choosing terminal-to-terminal delivery instead of door-to-door. This means dropping off and picking up your vehicle at designated terminals instead of having it delivered directly to your doorstep.

You could also try negotiating with different auto transport companies for better rates. Many companies offer discounts for first-time customers or bulk shipments.

Booking in advance could help you secure lower prices before demand increases closer to the shipping date.

Finding the cheapest way to ship a project car requires some research and planning ahead but with these tips in mind you should be able to find a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality service.

Is it cheaper to ship car than drive?

After analyzing all the factors, it can be concluded that shipping a car is not always cheaper than driving. However, in certain situations like long-distance moves or transporting luxury vehicles, car shipping can be cost-effective and convenient.

When deciding between driving or shipping your car, consider the distance of your move, your budget, and the time constraints you have. If you need to transport your vehicle across several states or even cross-country, then hiring a reputable auto transport company may be the best option for you.

Ultimately, whether to ship or drive comes down to personal preference and circumstances. By doing research on different auto transport companies and considering all of the costs involved with driving versus shipping a car will help make an informed decision that works best for you.


1. Cost-effective – Cheap car delivery services are usually much cheaper than hiring a professional car-moving service.

2. Convenience – The car can be delivered to the desired location, making it much easier and more convenient than having to drive it there yourself.

3. Safety – With a professional car delivery service, the car is delivered in a safe and secure manner, ensuring the security of its contents.

4. Time-saving – Having your car delivered saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on other tasks.


1. Risk of Damage – Due to the lack of professionalism, cars delivered by cheap car delivery services may not be as carefully handled as those delivered by professional car movers.

2. Limited Services – Cheap car delivery services may not offer all the services that a professional car moving company does, such as insurance and tracking.

3. Delays – Cheap car delivery services may not have the same level of reliability as professional car-moving companies, resulting in potential delays.

4. Limited Insurance Coverage – Cheap car delivery services may not offer the same level of coverage as professional car movers, leaving you vulnerable to potential losses.


Q1: What areas do you offer cheap car delivery services?

A1: Our cheap car delivery services are available throughout the United States. We offer door-to-door service and can arrange pickup and drop off at any location.

Q2: How long does it take to receive my car after placing an order?

A2: Delivery time will vary depending on your location, but most orders can be delivered within 5-7 business days.

Q3: What payment methods do you accept for cheap car delivery services?

A3: We accept major credit cards and PayPal for all car delivery services.


1. Affordable and Reliable Delivery : We provide cheap car delivery service at an affordable price with reliable performance.

2. Door-to-Door Service : We offer door-to-door delivery within the city or between cities, making it easy and convenient for customers.

3. Flexible Delivery Time : Customers can choose their preferred delivery time with our flexible delivery window.

4. Experienced Drivers : We have experienced drivers who are familiar with the route and can deliver the vehicle with safety and efficiency.

5. Insured Delivery : Our delivery service is insured and provides customers with peace of mind.

6. Online Tracking : Customers can track their delivery online and get informed about its progress.

7. 24/7 Support : Our service provides customers with 24/7 support in case of any queries or issues.