Shipping a car can be a stressful process, especially if you are moving cross-country or internationally. While car shipping companies handle the logistics, providing them with accurate information is crucial for a smooth transit experience. Here are some key reasons why it’s so important to share correct details with your shipper.

Avoiding Delays

If your shipper has the wrong pickup or delivery address, incorrect vehicle identification or inaccurate contact details, it can significantly delay the transfer process. Minor errors often force shippers to trace information or re-route vehicles, wasting precious time. Delays negatively impact estimated arrival dates and scheduled plans at the destination.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

  • Double check street addresses, city, state/province and zip/postal codes are correct to avoid mix-ups.
  • Provide complete details of pickup/drop-off locations like building name, floor/suite numbers if shipping to/from commercial areas.

Vehicle Identification

  • Accurately state your vehicle’s make, model, year, color and license plate number to identify it properly.
  • Mistakes in VIN or plates can lead to the wrong car being shipped by error.

Contact Information

  • Ensure your name, phone numbers and email address are correctly filled to allow shippers to reach you as needed.
  • In an emergency, incorrect contact details hamper timely coordination for solutions.

Avoiding Extra Costs

Mistakes frequently involve added charges like redelivery fees, rescheduling costs or fuel surcharges for driving to the wrong location initially. Providing accurate data upfront helps shippers plan efficiently to keep the shipping quote competitive.

Address Corrections

Minor address errors often necessitate a return trip by the driver to locate or relocate the vehicle. Shippers pass these redelivery costs to customers, increasing the final billing.

Rescheduling Fees

If pickups or deliveries need rescheduling due to incorrect information, companies apply surcharges for altering schedules at short notice.

Fuel Surcharges

Driving to the wrong destination wastes fuel, imposing extra running costs on shippers. They recover this amount from clients through additional fuel surcharges on invoices.

Improving Shipping Experience

With accurate details, shippers gain clarity on operational needs like equipment, manpower and time planning. This leads to better management of expectations and delivery of promised services.

On-Time Pickups and Deliveries

Correct logistics enable efficient routing and adherence to transit schedules committed to customers.

Smooth Communication

Right contact information facilitates prompt status updates and quick Problem-solving in case of unforeseen issues en route.

Trust in Carrier

Transparency and sharing reliable information builds confidence that customers have selected a provider capable of competent transportation of their valued vehicle.

Importance for International Shipping

Errors take on higher significance for cross-border transportation needing customs declaration paperwork. Inaccuracies impact export clearance processes and compliance with import regulations.

Customs Form Preparation

Details like VIN, features,value and country of origin support documentation filing to foreign government agencies.

Import Fees Avoidance

Correct statements aid timely assessment of applicable duties to release shipments without penalties for lapses.

Spending a few extra minutes double-checking information shared with car shippers goes a long way in delivering a hassle-free vehicle transport experience. Avoid post-shipment inconveniences by providing shippers fully accurate car shipping information from the start.